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Funding Films with Filmmaker and Director Hawanatu Bangura

“The key thing is, these funding bodies want you to contact them. They’ll give you the time to explain what’s required because they want people to succeed as well. ” — Hawanatu Bangura How can you fund your creative projects whilst working a day job? Who do you need on your team to make your […]

Managing Money with Xero Australia’s Amanda Newton

“Don’t settle for a relationship with your accountant or bookkeeper that isn’t working for you. ” — Amanda Newton I know too many artists and creative people who don’t feel comfortable talking about money — how much to charge, how to get more of it, how to manage it, how to grow it etc. I’ve […]

Producer Life with International Emmy Award Winner Meg O’Connell

“You keep the ship afloat by making sure everyone feels heard and happy.” — Meg O’Connell I met Meg O’Connell last year at Screen Forever, a conference hosted by Screen Producers Australia. When I found out she’d worked on Doodles, a kids’ show I’d been following, I asked if I could pick her brain about […]

Pitch Bibles with Screenwriter and Script Producer John Armstrong

‘You’re selling the sizzle, not the steak.” — John Armstrong My first guest in Season 2 of the podcast is screenwriter, script producer and script editor John Armstrong. We first met at a screenwriters’ pitch event in Sydney in 2017 and have since co-created a teen drama series which is in early stage development. In […]

Trailer: Take Two — Finally Making TV

Last November I applied for PRX‘s Google Podcasts Creator program, pitching the second season of Two Words with Taku. My pitch made it to the semi-finalist round out of 1000s of applications from around the world (OMG!), but I didn’t end up getting in. This trailer’s the audio sample I submitted to them and LOTS […]

Episode 86 – Candid Chat about Fear, Creativity and Writing with Claire Tonti

Facing fear. Writing. More fear. Standup comedy. Zimbo politics. Aussie politics. Jokes about my Mama. Feminism. Typos in sexts. Working with kids. Developing TV characters. Running a company. Story. Creative freedom. And laughter…lots of laughter! Yep, this and more in my hearty chat with Claire for her podcast Just Make the Thing. The original episode […]

Episode 84 – Book Review: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Dear Tomi, this is the most biased book review I’ve ever given. But I absolutely loved reading Children of Blood and Bone! In this episode I share why I’m excited by the magical words woven into this African-inspired fantasy novel. I also share a snippet from Tomi’s Good Morning America interview with Robin Roberts which […]