Thanks to everyone who supported my debut solo comedy show at La Mama Theatre!

You helped make my impossible dream come true.

Images by Darren Gill.


My name is Taku Mbudzi and I love to tell stories — give me a pen, a microphone or a camera and I’ll have something to say. I’m fired up about authentic voices telling their own stories and enjoy using humour to help young people speak up and out for themselves.

I’m constantly re-discovering who I am as an artist. I’m exploring, experimenting and playing, unlocking unexpected joys in my writing life.

I often capture my writing adventures on audio, so tune in to Two Words with Taku, wherever you find your fave podcasts and subscribe to join our podcast community.

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Welcome to Season 5 of Two Words with Taku Podcast

Hi and welcome to Season 5 of Two Words with Taku. I’m your host, Taku Mbudzi, coming to you from sunny Melbourne, Australia. Whether you’re a seasoned listener or stumbled upon this podcast for the first time, I’m genuinely thrilled to have you here. The podcast Two Words with Taku is a safe space for […]

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An Interloper’s Escape on ABC Radio National

My first audio documentary feature is now live on the Earshot podcast.✨ ‘An Interloper’s Escape’ is a personal story that I’ve never told in this way before…about a secret I held, that broke my father’s heart and how comedy helped me break free from the shame of it all. It’s been an epic emotional rollercoaster […]

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