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Welcome to Season 5 of Two Words with Taku Podcast

Hi and welcome to Season 5 of Two Words with Taku. I’m your host, Taku Mbudzi, coming to you from sunny Melbourne, Australia. Whether you’re a seasoned listener or stumbled upon this podcast for the first time, I’m genuinely thrilled to have you here. The podcast Two Words with Taku is a safe space for […]

An Interloper’s Escape on ABC Radio National

My first audio documentary feature is now live on the Earshot podcast.✨ ‘An Interloper’s Escape’ is a personal story that I’ve never told in this way before…about a secret I held, that broke my father’s heart and how comedy helped me break free from the shame of it all. It’s been an epic emotional rollercoaster […]

Auspicious Writing: Online Podcast Event in Melbourne

Join award-winning writer, filmmaker and podcaster Taku Mbudzi for a chat about how artists can get support for grant and funding applications around Australia.  Her special guest for this episode is Selene Dudley-Bateman, the Chief Executive Officer of Auspicious Arts Projects, a not-for-profit creative community management organisation. They provide independent artists with a secure and accessible framework to […]

Young Fire: Live Podcast Event in Melbourne

As an ode to World Children’s Day on 20th November, join dynamic youth advocate, thought leader and broadcaster Adongwot Manyoul for a chat about the power of young people and their voices, in a world of rapidly-changing technology. Tickets: https://events.humanitix.com/two-words-with-taku-young-fire Our special guest for this episode is Devon Lewis, a pioneering IT professional and the Chapter Lead […]

Earshot Host on ABC Radio National

I’m the new host of documentary show Earshot on ABC Radio National, taking over from the phenomenal Miyuki Jokiranta. Our new season, The Other Me, starts next week and we’re bringing you stories of double identities, recently discovered inner-selves and journeys of transformation. It feels surreal writing, producing and presenting on a show like this, […]

How to write 5-minute comedy set for an open mic

Hey everyone, a few of you have asked for writing and preparation tips for the open mic, so I’ve shared some short 1-minute videos on my TikTok. The videos show how I write and structure my jokes for a 5-minute comedy set, starting with a ridiculous punchline, working around a relatable theme and throwing in […]

Kindess is Power

My film, Gugu naGogo, is a finalist for Australia’s inaugural Screen Well Awards in the Production of the Year category. I tried my best to lead with kindness and joy when making my film, and it feels great to be nominated. Winners will be announced on World Mental Health Day, 10 October and anyone can […]

Funny Business: Live Podcast Event in Melbourne

When did you last laugh out loud? No, I’m asking seriously. By day, I’m a writer and film producer and by night, when my 4-year-old’s safely tucked in bed, I’m out cracking jokes on stage. It’s part of my self-care routine when running my creative business gets too real. I’m curious how everyone else is coping. Can […]

Film Community

Today’s Two Words: Film Community What does the future of community-led content creation look like in Australia? My filmmaker friends and I discuss the Kaleidoscope Project, our films and much more. Watch all our films Viv’s Silly Mango, Gugu naGogo, Namaste Yoga, and Yaz Queens on ABC iview: linktr.ee/kaleidoscopeproject Our Collective Viv’s Silly Mango Mary […]

Safe Space

Today’s Two Words: Safe Space In this episode I discuss how I handled creative, business, emotional and cultural safety during the making of my film Gugu naGogo. I also give special thanks to some of the black and African women who have supported me and my project along the way. Karine Larché – costume designer […]

Escape Velocity

Today’s Two Words: Escape Velocity Escape velocity requires an object to propel itself with enough speed and thrust to break through a barrier. — NASA In Season 4, I’m going behind the scenes to break down how I made my first short film Gugu naGogo, premiering on ABC ME and iview on World Children’s Day, […]