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Anger and My Artist Ways

Hi, I’m Taku and I’m a recovering people-pleaser. I’ve spent so much of my life scared of saying and hearing NO. In the last few months with coronavirus and the black lives matters protests…I’ve been forced to deal with an emotion that I’ve been afraid of dealing with: ANGER. In this video I share how […]

Filmmaker Scottnes Smith on Imposter Syndrome

Scottnes Smith shared SO much wisdom on #impostersyndrome, I can’t even write a proper caption right now. 😩🙌🏾✨ Thank you . Global. African. Excellence. Watch live on Instagram View this post on Instagram He shared SO much wisdom, I can’t even write a proper caption right now. 😩🙌🏾✨ Thank you @scottneslsmith! Global. African. Excellence. #africanexcellence […]

Short Courses with Wendy Gray, AFTRS Head of Industry Program

“Children’s television is wonderful for people starting out in the industry because there tends to be more opportunity for people who don’t have a long list of credits.” — Wendy Gray I’ve fast-tracked a few skills after discovering the short courses offered by the Australian Film Television Radio School (AFTRS). In this episode, I chat […]

Chain of Title with Lawyer Dee Mbugua

“…without the proper documentation proving the ownership of the work, there’s no protection from legal action.” — Dee Mbugua The world of television is full of great ideas and magic…and contracts and legal agreements that underpin how all that magic comes together. In this episode, lawyer Dee Mbugua explains what ‘chain of title’ means and […]

Writers’ Guild with Screenwriter and Podcaster Evrim Şen

“The way that we can tell stories if we use audio, specifically fiction, is so interesting and diverse. Audio is such a freeing medium.” — Evrim Şen I joined the Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) so I could meet inspiring young screenwriters like Evrim Şen. We met at an Animation Writing Workshop and hit it off […]

Managing Money with Xero Australia’s Amanda Newton

“Don’t settle for a relationship with your accountant or bookkeeper that isn’t working for you. ” — Amanda Newton I know too many artists and creative people who don’t feel comfortable talking about money — how much to charge, how to get more of it, how to manage it, how to grow it etc. I’ve […]