JoYOLO book by Taku Mbudzi and Peo Michie

Episode 82 – I finally found my book illustrator for JoYOLO

The book based on my radio play is coming soon!

JoYOLO by Taku and Peo. Omg I’m dying!😭

I recorded this impromptu episode in a park the other day. Disclaimer: it’s raw and unedited! Then I made this quick little video – sorry the music is so loud and dramatic but I was in ridic feeeeeels after a meeting with illustrator Peo Michie and our publisher.

I’m also planning to make a little doco series of how Peo and I are going to make this killer book about two girls navigating friendship, family and community expectations in Australia. (Definitely say hello if you’re a keen doco filmmaker, l’m still looking for someone).

A huuuuuge thank you to everyone who’s supported the radio play so far – actors and listeners. Honestly, I’m so grateful! And now the fun begins…I have to finish writing the full novel – 60 000+ words…at some point in time. Laaaawd, give me strength! 😩🙌🏾

Haven’t heard the play yet?

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