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Producer Life with International Emmy Award Winner Meg O’Connell

“You keep the ship afloat by making sure everyone feels heard and happy.” — Meg O’Connell

I met Meg O’Connell last year at Screen Forever, a conference hosted by Screen Producers Australia. When I found out she’d worked on Doodles, a kids’ show I’d been following, I asked if I could pick her brain about ‘producer stuff’. She agreed!

In this episode, Meg shares how she went from studying law to working in the screen industry. We also discuss what it’s really like being a TV producer and her fun experiences working with young actors.

Podcast Guest Profile

Meg O’Connell is an International Emmy® Award award winning producer. In the past year she produced two digital series: Robbie Hood for SBS On Demand and Content for ABC iview; both series have been nominated for AACTA® Awards. Content is a digital series set entirely on a mobile phone and is the first of its kind to be made in Australia.

Meg also produced the International Emmy® Award, SPA Award winning and AACTA® nominated ABC ME show Doodles for Ludo Studio, and was the development manager on Ludo’s series Bluey.

Time Stamps

0:53 | Why I decided to become a producer

6:37 | Interview with Meg O’Connell

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