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Episode 80 – Listen Lynda.com, I Love your Software Lessons

I highly recommend Lynda.com for learning Photoshop, Word and other software. Lynda.com is an online learning site with over 3,000 courses on topics like business, design, web development and multimedia skills, and software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and open source applications) that can help you pursue personal and professional goals. The courses are delivered […]

Episode 79 – Teaching Young Filmmakers How to Draw a Mind Map

My Mama taught me how to mind map 20+ years ago. And now I do it all the time. For almost everything! Yesterday, I helped 19 young documentary makers generate ideas to shoot for Youthworx‘s Our Voices film project. The mind-mapping definitely sparked their creative juices and I can’t wait to see their docos later in the […]

Episode 78 – Pitches, Speeches and a Pit Stop in Perth

An overdue update on my mad writing adventures. I’ve recently written pitches for my kids’ TV show, an investor in my production company and for a book publisher. Also, my MC hat’s back on again, tying together speeches at government-funded symposiums to The Moth story slams in Melbourne. Lastly, I reflect on lessons learnt since leaving […]

Episode 77 – Manners made me a Moth StorySLAM Champion in Melbourne

Our Moth StorySLAM theme was simply…Manners. Seriously, out of that whole Moth experience of discussing former in-laws on stage, having an amazing audience that responded to every beat of my story, to having my friends in the crowd cheering for me, to jumping off stage and dancing, to being with other phenomenal storytellers…the ONE thing I […]

Episode 74 – Be Kind to Yourself

 Today’s Two Words: Be Kind. “I’ve got 99 ideas and can’t pick one”. Yep, story of my life! In this episode I share how I’m kind to myself in my (creative) life. Everything from time out, napping and going out for a burger and wine. Kindness to myself is letting myself play, try, make […]

Episode 72 – My First Screenwriting Session with a Script Supervisor

Katharina Keil’s a script supervisor with 20+ years’ experience. She’s read 1000+ film and TV scripts in her career, so I nervously asked her to read one of mine. We discuss everything including characters, synopses, continuity, timing, production to life on set. Everything! We also chat about using voiceovers in scripts, which can sometimes be […]

Episode 71 – Co-founder Wanted for TV Production Company

A Spontaneous Poem: Co-founder Wanted Dear Self, Who’re you kidding, thinking you can do it all alone? This stuff is getting bigger than you and it’s time to ask for help. In fact, why not just free flow into your phone what help you’re really looking for? Oh wow. That’s some truth. You know what, […]

Episode 70 – Which Mentors are Holding Your Hand?

My screenwriting mentors are so kind to me. They’re also quick to give reality checks and sometimes say things I don’t want to hear. But I love them for that – they’re helping me tell better stories every day. (Important note: I also have my loved ones on speed dial for those moments when I […]

Episode 69 – frankie, do you remember the good stuff?

Yay! I’m a writing + podcasts finalist in frankie magazine’s awards. Here’s my Good Stuff Awards entry…Two Words with Taku is a podcast exploring the process of writing and storytelling in five main categories: technical writing, business writing, comedy, speech writing and creative writing. I originally started it as a creative development project, to air […]