Podcast tribe at VIVID Festival Sydney 2018

Episode 83 – How podcasting is growing my tribe of fellow writers and storytellers

Finding and growing your tribe is a two-way street.

Yes, I know that doesn’t make grammatical sense, but hear me out as I explain how this podcast is connecting me to people I’m excited about…and people who are excited about me too. I go through 13 questions that might help you suss out where your tribespeople are hiding too. A special thank you to Yumi Stynes, Kelly Glover, Lilly Wang and Rajesh Bhardwaj who shared a few thoughts after the VIVID Sydney event, “How to Make a Hit Podcast.”

The tribe is listening…

  1. What topic/idea/practice/thing do you really love?
  2. What’s your gift? (What are you good at?)
  3. What do you REALLY want to do?
  4. What’s a new/interesting way you can experiment with Q1. and Q2. together?
  5. What other things excite you?
  6. Who else loves what you do? (The thing in Q1.)
  7. Where do these people who love that thing hang out?
  8. Where DON’T they hang out? (Go exploring there too!)
  9. What can you learn from experimenting with Q4. that could help towards making Q3. possible/better?
  10. What can you teach through what you are learning about Q4.?
  11. Who would you like to start calling you unexpectedly?
  12. What things/bad habits/relationships do you need to let go of?
  13. Where might your tribespeople unexpectedly come from?

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