Casting Call

Today's Two Words: Casting Call I'm joined on the podcast…

Filmmaker Scottnes Smith on Imposter Syndrome

Scottnes Smith shared SO much wisdom on #impostersyndrome,…
Sher-Li Tan Filmmaker Two Words Podcast

Pitch Perfectin’ with Producer and Filmmaker Sher Li Tan

"Pitching is a verbal way of selling your story, and I like…
Wendy Gray Short Course AFTRS Podcast

Short Courses with Wendy Gray, AFTRS Head of Industry Program

"Children's television is wonderful for people starting out…
Dee Mbugua Chain of Title Lawyer Podcast

Chain of Title with Lawyer Dee Mbugua

"…without the proper documentation proving the ownership…
Evrim Sen Screenwriter Podcaster

Writers’ Guild with Screenwriter and Podcaster Evrim Şen

"The way that we can tell stories if we use audio, specifically…
AJ Clementine YouTube Content Creator

Authentic Voices with Vlogger and LGBTQI+ Advocate AJ Clementine

"I love that this younger generation is being more expressive…

Writers’ Rooms with Screenwriter and Script Editor Wendy Hanna

"Read scripts from the shows you like and shows you don't like.…
Hawanatu Bangura Filmmaker Taku Podcast

Funding Films with Filmmaker and Director Hawanatu Bangura

"The key thing is, these funding bodies want you to contact…
Amanda Newton Xero Two Words Taku Podcast

Managing Money with Xero Australia’s Amanda Newton

"Don't settle for a relationship with your accountant or bookkeeper…
Meg O'Connell TV Producer Taku Podcast

Producer Life with International Emmy Award Winner Meg O’Connell

"You keep the ship afloat by making sure everyone feels heard…
John Armstrong Pitch Bible Taku Podcast

Pitch Bibles with Screenwriter and Script Producer John Armstrong

‘You’re selling the sizzle, not the steak.” — John…