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Episode 76 – Tinder’s Interracial Couple Emoji Campaign’s Giving Me a Headache

It just sounds like a probability nightmare!

Look, I completely support the heart and intent of the campaign. I used to be on Tinder, I’m currently in an interracial relationship* and I loooove using emoji^. BUT I just don’t understand how Unicode can make it easy for us to trawl through 10 000+ more possibilities – it’s hard enough as it is!

Anyhow, I couldn’t resist bleating about this because I’m all for making the writing process easier…even when it’s for online dating. In this episode I also share my love for Snapchat’s Bitmoji as I find it easier to customise my 2D self that way.

*Bae wasn’t found on Tinder, but out and about in the real world. (Miracle!)

^ The post image was the last message sent to Bae using Bitmoji + emoji, before I read about Tinder’s campaign.

Here’s Tinder’s official campaign video – let me know what you think!

Screenshots from my phone

Screenshot of the different shades of emoji

I simply select an emoji, press hard on it and it lets me choose the shade of my hands.

People Emoji iPhone Taku Mbudzi Podcast Melbourne

Screenshot of current family emoji options

There’s no option to press down and get different shades of people and this is what Tinder is campaigning for. I’m not sure how this can be executed in a user-friendly way as the combinations of relationships and family make-ups are infinite. Unless they make the Emoji app customisable?

Tinder Interracial Couples Emoji iPhone Taku Mbudzi Podcast Melbourne

Just for fun: screenshot of the last emoji icons I’ve used #dontask

Interracial Couples Emoji iPhone Taku Mbudzi Podcast Melbourne

2 replies
  1. Kylie
    Kylie says:

    Great podcast 🙂🙂

    I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing.

    The yellow family emojis look like very middle class blonde American Hollywood dipicted characters, no matter what background. Not overly real in most contexts.

    They don’t represent any off the people around me: family, friends, workmates or population in general.

    It could be easy to custom make a relationship or family emoji…it would need some kind of save favourite option.

    This might seem like an odd comment but yellow Lego people seem more real than the “American blonde like” family represented in the emojis…why? Perhaps they aren’t pretending to be anything other than Lego.

    Lego could also change I realise. (I don’t spend much time with Lego).

    Sooo headaches all headaches aside…

    I do love the film clip on its own. This is more reflective of life in the world now, at least in many places, and I think we really are starting to see more of this. Hopefully naturally without even thinking about it in years to come 🙂🙂

    ❤️ Should win either way 🙂


    • Taku Mbudzi
      Taku Mbudzi says:

      Hey Kylie, I love the reference to Lego and I never thought about that! You’re so right, this campaign is helps make us all aware of how we should be reflecting the reality of our communities however and wherever they are. Thanks for sharing this!


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