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Welcome to Season 5 of Two Words with Taku Podcast

Hi and welcome to Season 5 of Two Words with Taku. I’m your host, Taku Mbudzi, coming to you from sunny Melbourne, Australia.

Whether you’re a seasoned listener or stumbled upon this podcast for the first time, I’m genuinely thrilled to have you here.

The podcast Two Words with Taku is a safe space for writers and storytellers navigating the labyrinth of creativity, from books and films to plays and podcasts and even stand-up comedy – all works-in-progress waiting to be written and shared.

Since 2017, Two Words with Taku has been my platform to unpack the uncharted territories of my life as a writer.

But this podcast is your home too. In this welcome episode, I give you a quick tour of the seasons so far — so you can familiarise yourself and get comfy.

Feel free to move around however you like. Press here or there, play with anything you like and don’t worry if you break something — everything’s made to be broken down and discussed.

And I’m right here at twowordswithtaku.substack.com if you have any questions.

Let’s go!

Season 1 – Go Deep (Episodes 1-87)

My first time snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef (Listen to Episode 50)

In 2017, I plunged into the Melbourne screen industry, sharing everything on the podcast—comedy clips, event experiences, and thoughts on TV-making. This first season may look a bit messy and all over the place, but there are some real gems in here. It’s a candid reflection on the journey of a new writer finding her voice in a new city.

Season 2 – Take Two (Episodes 88-100)

Guests l-r: John Armstrong, Meg O’Connell, Amanda Newton, Hawanatu Bangura, Wendy Hanna, AJ Clementine, Evrim Şen, Dee Mbugua, Wendy Gray, Sher-Li Tan

After years in the industry, I found my tribe. With a teen drama series in development and a newborn in the background, Season 2 dives into specific insights and wisdom from screen industry professionals. Episode 100 even spills the beans on my podcasting techniques in a live Instagram recording.

Season 3 – Keep Writing (Episodes 101-105)

The pandemic hit, and Season 3 became a lifeline. Join me and writer friends in regular catch-ups, sharing stories, encouraging one another, and reflecting on our writing practices. If you’re unsure about being a writer, these short, snappy episodes are for you.

Season 4 – My Film (Episodes 106-110)

After 100 episodes talking about wanting to make TV, I finally made my first short film Gugu naGogo for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Season 4 unfolds the behind-the-scenes drama of navigating a 20-minute film through pandemic chaos, featuring insights from fellow filmmakers on the future of community-led content in Australia.

The Kaleidoscope Project filmmakers (l-r): Rae Choi, Mary Duong, Rachel Maxine Anderson, Taku Mbudzi, Ravi Chand, Lara Köse, William Duan

Season 5 – We’re Live

Since 2017, I’ve worn all the hats on this podcast — writer, producer, director, editor, marketer, everything! All whilst also juggling being a writer in the real world on TV shows and film, audio documentaries, books and comedy.

And the adventures continue…

In the next year, I’m developing my first young adult feature film, gearing up for my debut solo comedy show, Shine My Light, and crafting my first junior fiction novel. Subscribing to Two Words with Taku is your invitation to the ride!

In Season 5, join me and other writers for inspiring conversations, deep community connection and encouragement. There are more live in-person recordings and virtual podcast shows planned, so you can connect to the podcast no matter where you’re tuning in from.

A big thanks goes to the team behind the scenes (in no particular order):

Toby, Adongwot, Dale, Kristina, Kishani, Rizky, Oscar, Ali, Jan and Marisa. It wouldn’t be possible without you and here’s to more magic!

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See you soon!

Podcast produced and recorded on the traditional country of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, Australia. We pay respect to their elders past and present.