Funny Business: Live Podcast Event in Melbourne

When did you last laugh out loud?

No, I’m asking seriously.

By day, I’m a writer and film producer and by night, when my 4-year-old’s safely tucked in bed, I’m out cracking jokes on stage. It’s part of my self-care routine when running my creative business gets too real.

I’m curious how everyone else is coping. Can my funny stories tickle a spirit or two before the year ends?

Stand up comedy_International Women's Day_Make it happen blog
I’ve been in the stand-up world since 2015 when a solid bout of sibling rivalry made me enter the RAW Comedy National Stand-up Competition in Perth. I have three younger brothers who are stand-up comedians in Los Angeles and Canada, and I wanted to prove to them I could do it too. Well, I made it to the State Finals that year and performed to a packed theatre of people laughing at my dance moves and…

Then I got hooked!

Eight years later, I’m now planning my first solo comedy show for 2024, inspired by the ups and oh-so-downs of being a working artist in Australia.

On Thursday 5 October, I’m hosting a live podcast show with comedy producer Janet McLeod, who gave me my first ever comedy gig in Melbourne, thanks to Cal Wilson who introduced us.

Janet runs Local Laughs, which at 20 years, is the longest running comedy room in Australia with a sole operator/programmer…and it’s one of my fave spots to perform.

Through Janet’s room, I’ve met wonderful people and made new friends. Now, I’m gathering everyone to chat about the serious business of being funny on stage and screen.

Anatomy of a Joke
For those interested in writing processes, I’ll also break down how joking about being held hostage in an Airbnb last year (true story!) landed me in the Victorian State Finals for the 2023 RAW Comedy Competition. Please note: good counselling also helped.

Open Mic for First-timers
After the conversation and Q&A, there are three 5-minute open mic spots if you want to try stand-up comedy for the very first time. Simply add your name to the list on arrival, and you’ll be in the draw for a spot.

Come and laugh with us!