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An Interloper’s Escape on ABC Radio National

My first audio documentary feature is now live on the Earshot podcast.

‘An Interloper’s Escape’ is a personal story that I’ve never told in this way before…about a secret I held, that broke my father’s heart and how comedy helped me break free from the shame of it all.

It’s been an epic emotional rollercoaster writing and producing this episode, in the midst of life being life and throwing me some craaaaazy curveballs.😳😩😭

I’ve clawed though it and I’m standing proud of what’s ultimately a story of love and gratitude for my father.❤️

I hope you enjoy listening and stay tuned to ABC Radio National every Saturday at 2pm — we have plenty more stories of double lives, secrets and hidden identities lined up this season.

Live overseas? Earshot: The Other Me season is accessible via the ABC Listen site/app or via Apple Podcasts.🎧

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