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Today’s Two Words: Film Community

What does the future of community-led content creation look like in Australia? My filmmaker friends and I discuss the Kaleidoscope Project, our films and much more. Watch all our films Viv’s Silly Mango, Gugu naGogo, Namaste Yoga, and Yaz Queens on ABC iview:

Our Collective

Viv’s Silly Mango

  • Mary Duong (Writer/Producer)
  • Rae Choi (Writer/Producer)
  • Rachel Maxine Anderson (Director)

Gugu naGogo

  • Taku Mbudzi (Writer/Director/Producer)

Namaste Yoga

  • Ravi Chand (Writer/Producer/Director)

Yaz Queens

  • Lara Köse (Writer/Director)
  • William Duan (Producer)

Full video (1hr 12 mins)

Abridged video (6 mins)

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L- R: Rae Choi, Mary Duong, Rachel Maxine Anderson, Taku Mbudzi, Ravi Chand, Lara Köse, William Duan