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Episode 58 – Rap, Rhyme & Reason with Tenda McFly & ZIIMUSIC

What IS spoken word?

I interview Melbourne rapper/poets Tenda McFly and Ziimusic about their writing and creative processes. We discuss everything from vulnerability, to narcissism to belief in self. Then we briefly debate if being a good writer is a divine gift or something anyone can learn. I really enjoyed chatting to these guys and this episode includes some of their fabulous original rap songs – but of course!

  • Intro songLavish by Tenda McFly
  • Middle song (time stamp – 8:46) – A Place Called Self by Ziimusic
  • Outro song (time stamp – 42:34) – Love x Sobriety by Tenda McFly

Side note: Tenda and Zii are voicing two characters in my radio play JoYOLO. Chapters 2 and 3 are airing next week – very excited! If you haven’t heard Chapter 1 yet, it’s Episode 40 on this podcast – https://taku.com.au/joyolo-chapter-1-different-dance/. Thank you to Maddy Mac and PBS FM for the studio love!

Tenda McFly Zii Music Rap JoYOLO Radio Story

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All rap music, images and links are appearing courtesy of Tenda McFly, Ziimusic and The Band of Brothaz.

Tenda McFly Melbourne Spoken Word and Rap

Download Tenda McFly’s latest album Memoirs at https://tendamcfly.bandcamp.com/ and follow him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/tendacanfly/.

Zii Music Melbourne Spoken Word and Rap

Find Ziimusic, his events and words at http://www.ziimusic.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/ziimusic/.

Follow Tenda and Zii in The Band of Brothaz at https://www.facebook.com/TheSonicKollective.

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