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Episode 41 Pit Stop – The Little Podcast That Could

I’m celebrating 41 episodes of my little podcast.

Yep! Check out my happy, joyful, not-holding-back-at-all photo on Instagram I’m proud, grateful and excited by what I’ve been learning through this podcast. Thank you all for listening, wherever you are in the world. You are making me smile so much. See my full smiley collage at

I mention a few episodes in this one. This isn’t all of them…

Rogue Resumes to Sexy CVs Series

Write Resume CV Taku Podcast Graphics

I can’t believe people have been downloading them. I am so glad if they’re helping you.

TV Pitching in Sydney

Vivid Festival TV Pitch Breakfast Sydney Taku Podcast

I went to pitch my ideas to some producers and this was definitely a milestone moment. Watch this space!

My Online Dating Profile is a Poem

Taku Podcast Online Dating Profile Poem

So um…for some reason, people really like this episode. It’s got more downloads than some of the episodes that came before it.

My Collaborative Radio Project Story: JoYOLO

Chapter 1 JoYOLO Radio Story Taku Mbudzi

I finally published my short story in an unexpected way. Grab a cuppa and listen to the full 37-minute radio production here:

And that’s all folks…for now!

Two Words with Taku
Two Words with Taku
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