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Episode 32 – My Online Dating Profile is a Poem

How I really feel about online dating.

Listen to the unexpected poem that recently became my online dating profile. I never thought I’d share this on my podcast but hey,  this episode kinda happened whilst I was learning how to be a better podcaster.

Part 1 –  I read the poem for the first time during a radio training session at a local community station. You’ll hear some of my lovely classmates’ reactions too. Our theme for the session was ‘Hero’ and we discuss this topic a bit.

Part 2 (Time stamp 8:16) – how the studio recording happened, how I once fell for a guy with bullet points in his profile and why I think writing a dating profile teaches you unexpected things about yourself.

Why a poem about a hero?

I’m part of a radio training group and I’m learning how to create stories for radio. As part of our training, my classmates and I were asked to write a 1-minute and 3-minute story with the theme ‘Hero’.

I thought writing about my father as my hero would be too predictable and I struggled to come up with a story. Then just before class I remembered the poem I had on my dating profile and I took a gamble and shared it.

Thank you to my teachers and friends at PBS Radio, especially Ardavan, Allison, and Ghina who gave their kind feedback.

So, how does one write a good dating profile?

I wish I had the answer! I could try explain with my technical writer hat on, but then that feels too serious. All I know is that you’ll never have a perfect online dating profile, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Also, how you write your profile will change over time as your life experiences change. It’s quite funny to look back at ones I’ve written in the past  they’re great stand-up comedy fodder!

I just recommend being as honest and creative as possible. I also recommend using photos that reflect interesting parts of your world that might be tricky to write or explain in words.

Good luck!


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