Big Words, Small Stories

Last year during lockdown, I was invited to write an episode for Big Words, Small Stories. It was an unexpected delight that mixed my obsessive love of words and writing for kids. The show will air daily at 4:45PM on ABC Kids from 12 July 2021 and I can’t wait to watch it with my family. I hope you enjoy it too!

About Big Words Small Stories

BIG WORDS, SMALL STORIES is an animated television series for 5-7 year old’s that slides one big word into each silly episode in a laugh-out-loud way! Based on the books written by Judith Henderson and illustrated by T.L. McBeth (The Missing Donut, The Travelling Dust Ball, and Smell of Daisies) silly big words like bamboozled, brouhaha, flabbergasted, and collywobbles appear in the stories of our 4 main kid characters and their anthropomorphic animal friends, providing education and hilarious entertainment for children at home.

Produced by Gillian Carr and the fab team at Moody Street Kids