About Face

Don’t you hate it when someone asks what book you’re reading and you go totally blank?


Your mind goes into overdrive. Oh c’mon! You’re a writer! Why can’t you remember what’s on your bedside table? Are you even reading?

If you’re like me, yeah of course you’re reading. Lots of things. All the time. You forget some of them — it’s not that a big deal. But speaking of big deals — I saw something in the paper yesterday.

Did you hear Mariah Carey just released her memoir and apparently it’s full of drama. People thought they knew her. But now to hear what she went through in her childhood. Wow…people had no idea.

Now you’re probably going to go off and Google “Mariah Carey memoir” even as you’re listening to me. You’re curious aren’t you? Go ahead, I’m not going anywhere.

*a sprinkle of glitter*

So Mariah Carey. Most people know her name and what she does. In fact, what she’s done very well for the last 30 years. Mariah Carey sings. And now she writes.

Welcome to Two Words with Taku, a show for writers you haven’t heard of…yet. We’re here to cheer each other on when we think our writing’s out of tune.

Today’s two words are: About Face and in this episode we ask, “What do we want the world to know about us?”

To bio or not to bio?

At some point, we’ll have to write about ourselves. We’ll need bios for writer talks and panels, bios for funding applications and competitions, an ‘About’ page for our websites, bios for our social media pages and more! About us, about me, about you — about the story behind the story.

Can you describe yourself, your writing or the magic you create in two words? What about one hundred?