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Episode 73 – Dixon Character Review – Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Officer Jason Dixon is human after all. *Spoiler and profanity alert for this episode.* Watching the evolving character of Jason Dixon in Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri challenged how I want to write baddies for my own stories. The Martin McDonagh movie stars Sam Rockwell as Officer Dixon, Frances McDormand as Mildred Hayes and Woody Harrelson […]

Episode 70 – Which Mentors are Holding Your Hand?

My screenwriting mentors are so kind to me. They’re also quick to give reality checks and sometimes say things I don’t want to hear. But I love them for that – they’re helping me tell better stories every day. (Important note: I also have my loved ones on speed dial for those moments when I […]

Episode 69 – frankie, do you remember the good stuff?

Yay! I’m a writing + podcasts finalist in frankie magazine’s awards. Here’s my Good Stuff Awards entry…Two Words with Taku is a podcast exploring the process of writing and storytelling in five main categories: technical writing, business writing, comedy, speech writing and creative writing. I originally started it as a creative development project, to air […]

Episode 63 – JoYOLO Radio Story Chapter 2 (Full)

What happens to Joy and Yolanda after the audition? In Chapter 1, they each decided to audition for Professor Nhingi’s youth dance program. In Chapter 2, they’re not so sure that was the best idea. JoYOLO story synopsis: Joy loves words and comes from a poor single-mum family. Yolanda loves dance and comes from a middle-class […]

Episode 62 – Greeting Cards for Situations that F-ing Suck

Manners: this episode and these greeting cards contain profanity. Okay, so your friend’s mum has died? Your loved one has cancer? Oh and anxiety is keeping your bestie up all night? Melbourne graphic designer Lindsey Mineff from Hard Copy Cartel has cards for those horrible moments in life when you’re not sure what to say. […]