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Two Words with Taku

Words, words, beautiful words! I’m Taku Mbudzi and this podcast is dedicated to my love of writing. I’ll share my thoughts and ideas in five main categories – technical writing, business writing, comedy writing, speech writing and creative writing. The dream is to see my words come alive on the big screen – there’s hope yet!


Chapter 1 JoYOLO Radio Story Taku Mbudzi

Episode 40 – JoYOLO Radio Story Chapter 1 (Full)

Missed my radio story on PBS Radio today? Grab a cuppa! Here…
JoYOLO Taku Mbudzi PBS 106.7FM Radio Melbourne Australia

Episode 39 – JoYOLO: My Radio Story Sneak Peek + Sound Effects

JoYOLO is my new radio story airing on PBS 106.7FM. In this…
Tea is for Taku Katie Best Friend Podcast Australia

Episode 38 – Tea is for Taku + My Teapot Greeting Cards

Breaking news: my favourite tea mug has cracked. And yes, I’m…
Creative Minds Comparing to Others Taku Podcast

Episode 37 – Six Creative Minds Chat about Comparing Ourselves to Others

Major mojo killer: comparing yourself to others. I ask an author,…
S-Town Serial The Messenger Podcast Reviews Australia

Episode 36 – Podcasts I Love: S-Town, Serial, The Moth and More

S-Town creator Brian Reed is coming to Melbourne. OMG! I can't…
6. Self-publish a book Taku Mbudzi Podcast Australia Motivation

Episode 35 – Self-Publishing a Book: Tip #6 Motivation

Making money shouldn’t be your main motivation. So why do you…
5. Self-publish a book Taku Mbudzi Podcast Australia Story

Episode 34 – Self-Publishing a Book: Tip #5 Story

So you want to publish a book? But hold on...what’s the story…

Episode 33 – The Big Issue with Wonder Woman, Homelessness and Typesetting

In this episode I review the The Big Issue Magazine's Wonder…
Taku Podcast Online Dating Profile Poem

Episode 32 – My Online Dating Profile is a Poem

How I really feel about online dating. Listen to the unexpected…
4. Self-publish a book Taku Podcast Australia Crowdfunding

Episode 31 – Self-Publishing a Book: Tip #4 Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds. I do, however, recommend…
3. Self-publish a book Taku Podcast Australia Research

Episode 30 – Self-Publishing a Book: Tip #3 Research

Research is everything. You need do your homework before you…
Write Resume CV Taku Podcast Graphics

Episode 29 – Rogue Resumes to Sexy CVs – 3. Add Graphics

How to add graphics to your resume or CV. Rogue Resumes to Sexy…