Vote Yes Vote No and Faithless Fear

Episode 56 – My Two Cents on #VoteYes, #VoteNo and Faithless Fear

Today’s two hot words: Yes and No.

Eesh, just look at them go
Stealthily dividing a nation
Whispering here
Shouting there
Fanning and fuelling frustration
Some are writing in the skies
Some are headbutting guys
Yes and No
Proudly predicting
Fearfully forecasting
Silently stoking
Australia’s demise.
Today many pulpits will be aflame
Calling people to arms in His/Her/Their name
But equally many a heart’ll burn with shame
That he/she/they can’t be honoured the same.

Yes and No
No and Yes
Eesh, just look at them go

I’m quietly listening
With a peace I’ll never forego
Because people,
My discernment game is strong
And I just know
To unconditional love
I will ALWAYS say Yes
And to faithless fear
I will ALWAYS say No.

Two Words with Taku
Two Words with Taku
Taku Mbudzi

Writer by day; aspiring comedian and TV producer by night.