Chapter 2 JoYOLO Radio Story Taku Mbudzi

Episode 63 – JoYOLO Radio Story Chapter 2 (Full)

What happens to Joy and Yolanda after the audition?

In Chapter 1, they each decided to audition for Professor Nhingi’s youth dance program. In Chapter 2, they’re not so sure that was the best idea.

JoYOLO story synopsis: Joy loves words and comes from a poor single-mum family. Yolanda loves dance and comes from a middle-class family. The story is set in the fictional City of Baxter (a poor local council) in an unnamed Australian city. The action happens around the local library, community centre, council offices and different characters’ homes. Themes of corruption, adultery and hypocrisy swim around these two teenage girls who just want to be heard.

Friendly note: this story is a work of fiction and includes some strong language here and there.

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Chapter 2 Special Thanks

A special thank you to rapper/poets Tenda McFly (playing Nate) and ZIIMUSIC (playing Prosper) for sharing their fabulous music in this chapter. Songs: Lavish by Tenda McFly and A Place Called Self by ZIIMUSIC.

You might also enjoy the podcast interview we recorded together – talking about writing, spoken word and music –

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