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Episode 62 – Greeting Cards for Situations that F-ing Suck

Manners: this episode and these greeting cards contain profanity.

Okay, so your friend’s mum has died? Your loved one has cancer? Oh and anxiety is keeping your bestie up all night? Melbourne graphic designer Lindsey Mineff from Hard Copy Cartel has cards for those horrible moments in life when you’re not sure what to say. I met Lindesy at a business networking event in Richmond and I was really intrigued by her. I’m a sucker for stationery and she mentioned she makes greeting cards. I rushed to tell her about my teapot ones. Then when I saw Lindey’s designs, I just couldn’t stop laughing because they were just so honest, funny and inappropriately appropriate.

Sometimes I can be a bit of a prude and not want to swear too much, and I think that’s exactly why I find her designs so effective. Listen in as she explains how a mental health issue in her own life inspired these cards.

Find Lindesy and more of her graphic design work at

Greeting Cards by Lindsey Minefff Hard Copy Cartel

Lindsey’s greeting cards are $7 on Etsy

Yes, the covers grab your attention, but the cards have really sweet sentiments on the inside. Example of the anxiety card. More cards at

Anxiety Greeting Cards Hard Copy Cartel Anxiety_inside_Greeting Cards Hard Copy Cartel

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How are you really doing?

Honestly, please don’t suffer alone or in silence. Life can be hard sometimes and it’s totally okay to reach out to people who AREN’T  your friends and family. There are plenty of organisations and hotlines that can listen and help. If you’re in Australia, you might like to check out the following links: