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Episode 40 – JoYOLO Radio Story Chapter 1 (Full)

Missed my radio story on PBS Radio today? Grab a cuppa! Here is Chapter 1 – A Different Dance, full and uninterrupted. Friendly note: it’s a work of fiction and includes some strong language here and there. Story synopsis: Joy loves words and comes from a poor single-mum family. Yolanda loves dance and comes from a […]

Episode 36 – Podcasts I Love: S-Town, Serial, The Moth and More

S-Town creator Brian Reed is coming to Melbourne. OMG! I can’t wait to hear how he made his record-breaking podcast. 40 million downloads and counting! In this episode I review S-Town, Serial by This American Life, The Moth and other podcasts on my playlist. Find links to these podcasts at: http://taku.com.au/serial-s-town-moth-podcasts   My totally biased […]

Episode 34 – Self-Publishing a Book: Tip #5 Story

So you want to publish a book? But hold on…what’s the story you will write? Is it non-fiction or fiction? Why is that story important? What’s your personal story and the connection to the work you want to publish?   Friendly FYI…these tips are from a 2016 video series I filmed after self-publishing a children’s book […]

Episode 33 – The Big Issue with Wonder Woman, Homelessness and Typesetting

In this episode I review the The Big Issue Magazine’s Wonder Woman edition (dated 19 May – 1 June). I focus on the basic layout of the magazine, how the words and images work together and other things that I like about it. Photos at http://taku.com.au/big-issue-wonder-woman-typesetting/ Here’s how the magazine officially describes its work at http://www.thebigissue.org.au/: […]

Episode 30 – Self-Publishing a Book: Tip #3 Research

Research is everything. You need do your homework before you self-publish your book. Weigh up if that’s really the route you want to take. Explore what stories other writers are writing, find out who would be interested in your story. These tips are from a 2016 video series I filmed after self-publishing a children’s book in […]