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Episode 60.2 – Gerard McCulloch on Screenwriting, Satire and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

Do you watch The Weekly and Hard Quiz? This is the second part of my chat with writer Gerard McCullough. He is one of Australia’s most in-demand TV comedy writers and editors. His credits span sketch, variety, current affairs, quiz, sport, and award ceremony formats.* In this episode we discuss everything from developing comedy characters […]

Episode 56 – My Two Cents on #VoteYes, #VoteNo and Faithless Fear

Today’s two hot words: Yes and No. Eesh, just look at them go Stealthily dividing a nation Whispering here Shouting there Fanning and fuelling frustration #VoteNo Some are writing in the skies #VoteYes Some are headbutting guys Yes and No Proudly predicting Fearfully forecasting Silently stoking Australia’s demise. Today many pulpits will be aflame Calling […]

Episode 53 – Self-Publishing a Book: Tip #11 Celebrate Small Milestones

You’ll be elated when you finally publish your book, but don’t forget to celebrate the little milestones along the way. Friendly FYI…these tips are from a 2016 video series I filmed after self-publishing a children’s book in Australia. Watch this video on TAKU TV at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-i8JSLu-2U. (Tips start at 2:00 in the podcast episodes).

Episode 50 – Snorkelling, Silence and Scaring my Mama

Silence. ‘Twas a little awkward when Mama tried to scare me out of snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. I love her to smithereens, but she’s always great inspiration for my stand-up comedy. Link to my snorkelling pics and the Instagram post that inspired this episode: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYIng4vnlX6/?taken-by=takuspeaks Snaps of Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef This […]