AJ Clementine YouTube Content Creator

Authentic Voices with Vlogger and LGBTQI+ Advocate AJ Clementine

“I love that this younger generation is being more expressive and feeling their emotions, instead of trying to not feel things. ” — AJ Clementine

We keep hearing that we need more authentic voices telling their own stories. But what does that look like when you’re creating a TV show with different characters? How do you, as a writer, make their stories feel authentic, if you haven’t personally lived those experiences? In this episode, I chat candidly with YouTuber and content creator AJ Clementine about why she started sharing her stories online. We also discuss how young people in the LGBTQI+ community are representing themselves and supporting each other online.

AJ Clementine Content Creator

Podcast Guest Profile

AJ Clementine is an Australian creator known for being an LGBTQI+ advocate for the community. She is also a vlogger who often shares life experiences about being transgender, while also covering lifestyle and fashion content. This year AJ was featured on the ‘Barcroft TV’ YouTube channel for the ‘My Trans Life’ series, and walked the Mardi Gras parade with Instagram in Sydney. She has been a Featured Creator at VidCon AU in 2017, 2018 and now 2019.

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0:53 | Why I want to include authentic voices in my show

5:29 | Interview with AJ Clementine

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