Dee Mbugua Chain of Title Lawyer Podcast

Chain of Title with Lawyer Dee Mbugua

…without the proper documentation proving the ownership of the work, there’s no protection from legal action.” — Dee Mbugua

The world of television is full of great ideas and magic…and contracts and legal agreements that underpin how all that magic comes together. In this episode, lawyer Dee Mbugua explains what ‘chain of title’ means and why it’s so important in the media industry. She also gives useful tips for seeking legal advice, especially when it comes to the fineprint. If in doubt, don’t make a wild guess and definitely don’t sign anything!

Podcast Guest Profile

Dee Mbugua is the Deputy Director, Industrial, Advice and Advocacy at Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance. She’s an experienced lawyer and writer with a demonstrated history of working in the alternative dispute resolution industry. Dee enjoys sharing her stories via social media, radio broadcasting, digital media, public speaking, and writing.

Time Stamps

0:53 | Why I needed to find a lawyer

3:07 | Interview with Dee Mbugua

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