Sher-Li Tan Filmmaker Two Words Podcast

Pitch Perfectin’ with Producer and Filmmaker Sher Li Tan

“Pitching is a verbal way of selling your story, and I like to leave something visual so they remember my pitch.” — Sher-Li Tan

I thought I was the Queen of Pitch Preparation until I met producer and filmmaker Sher-Li Tan. We first met at YouTube conference VidCon and she blew me away with how she spruiked her projects. In this episode we talk about how she prepares for pitching her shows — everything from the documents she creates to how she researches her audience and the people she’s pitching to.

We also discuss how pitching can be a way to test the market for your ideas, and different ways to measure the success of your pitches. Sher-Li’s full of great insights and stresses the importance of nurturing relationships with the people you pitch to along the way.

Podcast Guest Profile

Sher-Li Tan is an early-career producer with an interest in storytelling and production excellence. She strongly believes in the power of the film to connect and engage.

Raised in both Mauritius and Singapore, she aspires to use her exposure to different cultures and backgrounds to inform her filmmaking. She is also a trained speech pathologist and hence a vocal advocate for communities from various under-represented populations.

Time Stamps

0:53 | How I’ve approached pitching my TV ideas

5:45 | Interview with Sher-Li Tan

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