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Episode 38 – Tea is for Taku + My Teapot Greeting Cards

Breaking news: my favourite tea mug has cracked.

And yes, I’m being a little emo and dramatic about it. Listen as I share why I love tea so much and why I can’t write without it. I also share tea-drinking memories from my childhood in Zimbabwe and why I’ve started making teapot greeting cards in Melbourne. Find my tea photos at https://taku.com.au/tea-is-for-taku/ and under the hashtag #teaisfortaku on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/teaisfortaku/.

Tea is for Taku Speaks Instagram Photos

Tea o’clock is my favourite time of day

Tea is for Taku Speaks Instagram

I savour the moments in the morning when I can have a good, strong cuppa before I start my day. Those moments are always perfect. How I like it Tanganda or English Breakfast – strong, with hot milk and two sugars (preferably brewed with tea leaves).

My fave memories of family involve tea

Tea is for Taku Story Laughing Family in Zimbabwe

This photo is one of my fondest memories of sharing tea with my with my family…during a tough time in 2009. This was taken on the day I saw my father’s burial site for the first time. My mother, my brother, three aunties and my uncle had taken me to our rural village to see where my Dad was laid to rest. I was an emotional mess that day, but I remember feeling happy when we were in my grandmother’s hut, drinking tea from metal cups and laughing so much. I didn’t feel alone, I felt loved, I felt comforted and I felt so much peace. That moment was perfect.

Teapot greeting cards for my loved ones

Tea is for Taku Writing Podcast Australia

These are my pics of the golden teapot mentioned in the episode. It seemed like the right thing to do to design teapot greeting cards, as a way of showing love to the people I care about. The very people I’ve shared so much tea and life with.

Tea is for Taku Katie Best Friend Podcast Australia

This is one of my favourite tea photos taken by my bestie Katie from The Handcrafted Collective http://handcraftedcollective.com/.
The story? Katie and I have been friends for over a decade. She’s made me numerous cups of tea but one day she pulled out this gorgeous tea cup and I was smitten. I took a photo, shared it on Instagram and we kept talking and life went on.

A year later, I’d moved to Melbourne and I was missing my friends. I made lots of teapot greeting cards for them but I made this teacup card especially for Katie, using the photo I’d taken that day. I posted the card to her and she loved it enough to take a proper photo of it. OMG – so much love!

And now what?

Um…I have no idea. Today, I’m just happy writing stories about my love for tea. I hope you’re having a lovely day too.

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