Words, words, beautiful words! I’m Taku Mbudzi and this podcast is dedicated to my love of writing and storytelling. The dream is to see my words come alive on the big screen — there’s hope yet!

Write Resume CV Taku Podcast Colour

Episode 21 – Rogue Resumes to Sexy CVs – 2. Add Colour

How to add colour to your resume or CV. Rogue Resumes to Sexy…
Magic Word Cloud Taku Podcast Australia

Episode 20 Pit Stop – Magic, Mushrooms, Mountains and Miracles

The magic of starting a podcast. Here's an update on my stand-up…
Kerry Cue Books Getting Published Podcast Interview

Episode 19 – Getting Published in Australia with Author and Maths Blogger Kerry Cue

Getting published is so hard! I'm in my local library with author…
Fake News Interview Journalist Kerry Cue Australia

Episode 18 – Writing [Fake] News Articles with Journalist and Author Kerry Cue

I discuss fake news, writing for the papers and being stereotyped…
Self-publishing books australia Taku Podcast

Episode 17 – My Second Book and Second Thoughts about Self-Publishing

14,251 words and counting. I'm not sure self-publishing my second…
Write Resume CV Taku Podcast Columns

Episode 16 – Rogue Resumes to Sexy CVs – 1. Add Columns

How to add columns to your resume or CV. Rogue Resumes to Sexy…

Episode 15 – WTFudge?! Hello to Listeners in Japan, Germany and Canada

7 weeks. 15 episodes. 4 hours and 18 minutes. I'm surprised (and…
Podcast Interview Melanie Joosten Berlin Syndrome Palace Cinema

Episode 14 – Two Words with Melanie Joosten, Author of Berlin Syndrome

I sat in my local cinema discussing the new movie Berlin Syndrome…
Inverted Pyramid Effective Emails Taku Podcast

Episode 13 – Confident Cover Letters and Effective Emails

I chat with business writer Leonie about making your cover letter…
Two Words Podcast with Loyiso Gola in Melbourne

Episode 12 – Two Words with Comedian Loyiso Gola in Melbourne

I sat in a café, chatting to South African comedian Loyiso Gola…
Taku Podcast Book Review Austin Kleon

Episode 11 – Book Review – ‘Show Your Work’ by Austin Kleon

One of my favourites! I give a more-technical-than-planned book…
Two Words Taku Comedy Writing

Episode 10 – OMG! My First Open Mic in Melbourne…and Singapore

I've got two days to prepare for my first open mic event in…