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Episode 22 – A New TV Show Pitch + Reliving My Shark Tank Audition

Yikes! I have a new TV show pitch to present to Australian TV producers next month. My Shark Tank audition was a sobering lesson on pitching! In this episode I reflect on the blog post I wrote after that audition in 2015. Read 10 Things I Learnt from My Shark Tank Australia Audition at https://taku.com.au/10-things-i-learnt-my-shark-tank-australia-audition/ (Post published on 22 Feb 2016)

Wish me luck!

*  Marc Berryman is the friendly guy I met at the Shark Tank Australia audition and Rhinohide https://rhinohide.com.au/ is the idea he pitched. Two sharks invested $80 000 each, a total of $160 000, not $800 000 as I say in the episode. Oops – thank goodness I’m not Marc’s accountant!

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