10 Branding Lessons Youth Marketing Australia Taku Mbudzi

Episode 81 – 10 Branding Lessons from VICE, Junkee and Contiki at YMA 2018

Youth Marketing Australia was simply eye-opening! I went to…
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Episode 71 – Co-founder Wanted for TV Production Company

A Spontaneous Poem: Co-founder Wanted Dear Self, Who're you…
Radio Podcast Competition Australia Taku Mbudzi

Episode 65 – 10 Lessons from Entering Podcast Competitions in Australia

Know your story, know your brand and don't think about the money. Here's…
Thank You Gary Vee Melbourne Podcast Taku Mbudzi

Episode 64 Pit Stop – Meeting Gary Vee and My Awkward Fan Girl Moments

Gary Vee inspired me to start this very podcast. So when I heard…
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Episode 46 – Google Review to Interview with My Local Printer Guru

Fact: I've never written a Google review. This episode is my…
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Episode 29 – Rogue Resumes to Sexy CVs – 3. Add Graphics

How to add graphics to your resume or CV. Rogue Resumes to Sexy…
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Episode 28 – Lessons from Pitching to TV Producers at VIVID Sydney

Me + TV Show Ideas + VIVID Sydney = Magic. I finally pitched…
Trying Two Words with Taku Podcast Australia

Episode 24 – I'm the Untitled and Unentitled Queen of Trying

/ 'unentitled' even a real word? My new business cards…
TAKU TV Pitch Australia

Episode 22 – A New TV Show Pitch + Reliving My Shark Tank Audition

Yikes! I have a new TV show pitch to present to Australian TV…
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Episode 21 – Rogue Resumes to Sexy CVs – 2. Add Colour

How to add colour to your resume or CV. Rogue Resumes to Sexy…
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Episode 18 – Writing [Fake] News Articles with Journalist and Author Kerry Cue

I discuss fake news, writing for the papers and being stereotyped…
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Episode 16 – Rogue Resumes to Sexy CVs - 1. Add Columns

How to add columns to your resume or CV. Rogue Resumes to Sexy…