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Episode 51 – Being the Underdog, Instagram and Raising Happy Kids

Last year, I filmed my close friends for a fun little series on TAKU TV. I was experimenting with video editing and testing ideas for vox populi-style interviews.

Listen as dancer Rita Nita talks about being the underdog in the dance industry; hear photographer Heather’s thoughts on social media and find out what architect Tom Brooking and DJ Thembi think about parenting. You can watch the original short videos here:

Being the underdog

Rita Nita, Director of Èlan Dance Establishment tells us how she feels when she looks at bigger dance schools in Perth, Western Australia. Find Rita and her dance school at:

Being on Instagram

Heather Robbins, Owner of Red Images Fine Photography shares how she uses Instagram to share her professional and personal photography. Find Heather’s stories at:

Raising happy kids

Tom is the Founding Director of Brooking Design Architects, an award-winning architectural firm in Perth, Western Australia. His wife Thembi is an entrepreneur who is passionate about soccer and music. Watch as they share their thoughts on parenting. Find Tom’s work at:

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