Debut Solo Comedy Show | 6-10 March 2024 | La Mama Theatre, Melbourne

Empowering comedy celebrating womanhood.


My name is Taku Mbudzi and I love to tell stories — give me a pen, a microphone or a camera and I’ll have something to say. I’m fired up about authentic voices telling their own stories and enjoy using humour to help young people speak up and out for themselves.

Right now, in the midst of pandemics and so much uncertainty, I’m re-discovering who I am as an artist. I’m exploring, experimenting and playing, unlocking unexpected joys in my writing life.

I often capture my writing adventures on audio, so tune in to Two Words with Taku, wherever you find your fave podcasts.

Latest Posts

Earshot Host on ABC Radio National

I’m the new host of documentary show Earshot on ABC Radio National, taking over from the phenomenal Miyuki Jokiranta. Our new season, The Other Me, starts next week and we’re bringing you stories of double identities, recently discovered inner-selves and journeys of transformation. It feels surreal writing, producing and presenting on a show like this, […]

How to write 5-minute comedy set for an open mic

Hey everyone, a few of you have asked for writing and preparation tips for the open mic, so I’ve shared some short 1-minute videos on my TikTok. The videos show how I write and structure my jokes for a 5-minute comedy set, starting with a ridiculous punchline, working around a relatable theme and throwing in […]

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