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What I’m learning about being a woman in business

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Some days are just like this

And it’s completely okay! Your clients and customers just don’t need to see this, so make sure you know who to talk to when you have these moments.

Know when to say “No” and “No, thank you.”

There will be great opportunities and offers you have to turn down because they don’t align with your business goals. You shouldn’t feel guilty because that’s how you’ll stay focused on your bigger vision.

Don’t take things so personally

Business doesn’t have to be full of emotions. Dr Brené Brown says we should ask, “What’s the most generous assumption I can make about people’s intentions or what they say?” I swear that perspective changes everything! Look at your customers, clients and competitors with new eyes.

You need male business advisors and mentors

Yes, it’s great to be mentored by female peers and colleagues. You should, however, also seek advice from men in business to balance things out. (Opt to include business men other than your spouse, boyfriend, Dad or brothers).

Every time I see my business advisor he COMPLETELY strips the wishy-washy emotion out of my ideas and asks the tough questions that make me squirm. I need that and I can see the difference it is making.

Check out the Small Business Development Corporation in Perth for local advisors and workshops.

Get enough sleep, eat right and exercise

This goes without saying.  You can’t be up until 4am working every day, surviving on sausage rolls and not even going outside for a walk . After a while this takes a toll on you and the quality of your work.

Make time for friends and family

Your business shouldn’t consume your whole world. Enjoy spending  time with the people who love and support you. It will recharge and inspire you to keep going.

Acknowledge that you’re trying

Running a business isn’t always easy! Once in a while, stop and put the kettle on or gather your friends for some cocktails!


Speaking of which…I’m about to do just that.

Tuesday 8 March is International Women’s Day

I’m hosting a cocktail party to celebrate Perth’s wonder women, heroines, super mums and ninja girls.


So leave work a little early

Do the invoicing on Wednesday

Tuck the mites into bed without worry

And put that assignment away.


Let’s take time out

To celebrate and acknowledge

That once in a while we ALL need

Cocktails with a dash of bold courage.

Book tickets and invite your super heroes.

p.s. Gents, you’re more than welcome to join us

Yes, come holding your lady’s hand,

But if you decide to hold the fort at home

We appreciate that and completely understand!

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