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At the end of April I was on RTRFM 92.1’s Revolver show talking creativity, comedy, community, culture and stepping out of our comfort zones with Rich Maganga. By day he’s chasing a PhD in science (yikes!) and by night he’s hosting radio shows on RTRFM 92.1, a community radio station in Perth, Western Australia.

Rich describes his work on Revolver as,

“a series of interviews exploring multiculturalism in Perth, amongst migrants who have made Australia their home. It is about people who have embraced a culture or way of life that is not like their parents’ original culture. They are able to sit and discuss cultural identity. People will talk about how they have come to embrace the culture in Australia and tell stories of the various things they are  doing to engage others in their society.”

It was fun to discuss why I work with cartoons and kids, the influence my parents had on my career and what I love about being in Australia. It was also good to hear Rich talk about the things he’s trying like stand-up comedy and acting. I admire his guts!

Listen to our full interview which aired on Tuesday 5 May 12am – 1am

Multicultural Me School Talks_St Josephs School Melbourne

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