Harmony Day Australia Poem: Multiculturalism isn’t a bad word

As Harmony Day in Australia approaches I am starting to prepare speeches for school and community events. On 21 March 2016 the whole of Australia will celebrate its cultural diversity in different ways.

When I speak to children in Australian schools I use humour and cartoons to explore topics like friendship, respect and inclusion.

I wrote this poem Multiculturalism isn’t a bad word, so please stop freaking out to encourage us grown-ups to look at multiculturalism with new eyes, especially on Harmony Day. Sometimes we forget that what we say online, in the papers and at our dinner tables filters down to our kids’ innocent ears.

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Harmony Day Australia Poem Multiculturalism Taku Scrutton

Harmony Week Perth Australia

Harmony Week runs in Western Australia from 15 – 21 March. You may even spot a familiar face in The Office of Multicultural Interests Harmony Week Kit.

How will you be celebrating Harmony Day in your school, office or community?

Find more ideas and event news at http://www.harmony.gov.au/

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  1. Barbara Nattabi
    Barbara Nattabi says:

    Hi Taku. My name is Barbara Nattabi and I live in Geraldton. A friend of mine brought you to my notice and I thought that one day I could ask you over to give a talk to young migrants in Geraldton. Your blogs are amazing and would be great for young people and adults alike particularly for us in rural areas. I’ll be in touch one day.
    ps: are you in touch with the African Professional Association and Skilled Migrants?

  2. Millie
    Millie says:

    Hello, I’m wondering if there is any way I can access a copy of the transcript to this video please? I’m searching for poems about multiculturalism for an assignment and am really interested in your message!

    Thanks :)

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