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Episode 69 – frankie, do you remember the good stuff?

Yay! I’m a writing + podcasts finalist in frankie magazine’s awards.

Here’s my Good Stuff Awards entryTwo Words with Taku is a podcast exploring the process of writing and storytelling in five main categories: technical writing, business writing, comedy, speech writing and creative writing. I originally started it as a creative development project, to air my thoughts around my screenwriting and TV-producing journey. My excerpt is a teaser of JoYOLO, a short story I sat on for a long time before I unexpectedly met AMAZING sound people who helped me turn it into a radio play.

Support my fellow writing + podcast finalists too!

frankie Good Stuff Awards Writing Podcast Finalists

There’s a people’s choice award as well. Honestly, suss out all the finalists at then vote for the one you love – it doesn’t have to be me. The other finalists are incredible! Categories include photography, small business, video, music and more! Onwards and upwards for us all!

Special shout out to Sister Sledge

I play their song ‘Frankie’ at the start of this episode. Don’t remember them from the 80s? Here’s their video to jog your memory.

sister sledge frankie

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